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The Saisonniers

Saisonnier [say-ZON-er]: 

  1. Adjective.  A seasonal farm worker from the Wallonia region of Belgium.  Traditionally paid in part with a farmhouse brewed ale, known as a saison.

  2. Noun.  A member of the Barking Rose mug club.  

Join the Saisonniers!  Members gets tons of benefits, including:

  1. All pints are served in a 20oz stein, with the option to customize it. 

  2. Your stein is yours at the end of the year.

  3. Tuesday Saisonnier Happy Hour - $1 off all pints

  4. Two Saisonnier Exclusive parties a year

  5. First dibs (with a discount!) on all bottle releases

  6. Updates from Matt (the Brewer) on all the happenings

  7. More coming!

So if you're interested in joining, either visit our website shop or in person ask a bartender.

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