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Belgian Style Ales

Conviction - 7.3% ABV - Belgian Style Blonde Ale 

2020 Bronze Medal Winner at Virginia Craft Brewers Cup

A perennial favorite back at Forge, this Belgian Blonde Ale is an easy drinking traditional style Belgian.  Hopped with Saaz, and with notes of fruit and spice yielding from the Belgian yeast, this beer is easy to enjoy year round.

Farm Use- 4.2% - Patersbier

A low alcohol ale brewed by monks as their private, easy drinking bee, this was rarely shared with outsiders.  It changed with every head of the monastery, and was always an excellent brew.  Ours is low abv, with hints of plum and cherry balanced by a light, crisp finish.

Motley Prince - 8.3% - Belgian Imperial Wit

The Motley Prince, sometimes known as the Royal Wit, is named for the owners younger son Charlie.  Brewed as a traditional Belgian wheat beer with coriander and orange peel, this is a wonderful, strangely easy drinking beer.

Cuvee- 4.6% - Belgian Chambourcin Ale

We brewed this beer in collaboration with our friends over at Molon Lave Vineyards, and we love it.  Using fresh crushed Chambourcin grapes, and a clean Belgian ale, we made a refreshing, light, slightly fruity ale that's easy to drink.

Blank Slate - 5.3% - Belgian Witbier

Our traditional Belgian Style Wheat Ale, brewed with Coriander and Orange Peel.  Light, refreshing, and basically Motley Prince's little brother, from a malt standpoint.  

Wit Aplomb - 5.3% - Belgian Plum Witbier

Our Blank Slate, with plum.  Get it?  Wit Aplomb?  Our brewer really likes to think he's clever.

Nana's Nightcap - 11.0% - Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout

A long aged bourbon barrel stout, aged in barrels from KO Distilling in Manassas, pulling tannins from the barrel and lots of bourbon char.  Best enjoyed like Nana did - cellar temp, and often.

Equinox - 5.1% - Belgian Hopped Apricot Ale

A lovely blend of the light pale ale, lots of Apricot added, and then dry hopped with Citra to provide a taste and aroma of hop, without all the bitterness.

Outta My Gourd - 6.0% - Flemish Style Pumpkin Sour Ale

A Flemish Red is a style of beer that is always tart up front, with a complexity behind it.  Well, Matt wanted to brew a Flemish Red Ale.  But, as per the norm, he can't do anything quite right, so he decided to add pumpkin and spice to an otherwise delicious (and traditional) Flemish Red.   Taste it, and you'll think you're Outta Your Gourd for liking it so much.

Farmhand - 5.7% - Saison

A saison - the traditional beer of the seasonal farmhouse workers in Belgium, also known as the Saisonners.  Fermented at high temperatures, and a traditional drink at the end of a hard day of work.  We think you'll enjoy it as much as they did.

German Style Lagers

Rosefest- 7.2% - Marzen Fest Lager

Our Oktoberfest Bier!  Brewed in March and lagered until it was good and ready, this malty lager has notes of caramel and a nice clean finish, perfect for the Autumn.

El Jefe - 4.6% - Dominican Pilsner

A collaboration with our good friends at the El Jefe Mexican Street Eats food truck.  We brewed this pilsner with pils malt and maize, to give it a slightly creamy, slightly sweet, easily enjoyed flavor.  Served with or without a lime, and absolutely best enjoyed with a taco.

Hop-Forward Ales

029 Jump Street - 6.7% - American IPA

Originally brewed for the Unity Tour, a charity organization raising awareness and funds for officers who have died in the line of duty, this IPA is brewed with Centennial, Columbus, and Amarillo hops.  As an East Coast Style IPA,  With notes of grapefruit and a hint  of orange, this is an easy drinking IPA that finishes clean.

Citron - 6.8% - Hoppy Saison

Brewed with Tangerine and Grapefruit Peel, Hopped with Citra, and fermented high to give that classic saison charecter. Our blend of American IPA and classic Belgian saison.