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June Tap List


Belgian and German Style Ales

Conviction- 7.2% - Belgian Blonde Ale

A perennial favorite back at Forge, this Belgian Blonde Ale is an easy drinking traditional style Belgian. Hopped with Saaz, and with notes of fruit and spice yielding from the Belgian yeast, this beer is easy to enjoy year round.

Rosefest - 5.7% - Munich Lager 

Rosefest is our Oktoberfest Lager.  Brewed with munich and pilsner malts, this is a crisp ale with a malty body and just a hint of hop at the finish.  Prosit!

Cascadia - 4.4% - Czech Pilsner

The humble pilsner is the basis of all lagers.  Brewed with just 4 ingredients - Pilsen Malt, Yeast, Hops, and Water, this beer is crisp with a lovely, lightly hopped finished.  We used our farm grown Cascade Hops to give a slightly citrusy flavor  to the finish.

Harvest Vinata - 6.0% - Chambourcin Wheat Ale

The Vinata.  The classic drinking song.  Ours is an ode to the harvest, a collab with Molon Lave, with our farm grown Cascade Hops and their farm grown Chambourcin Grapes.  Fruity, clean body, with the blending of Belgian Ale and Greek Wine that you never knew you needed.

Scarborough - 4.8% - Saison 

Are you drinking the Scarborough Beer?  Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.  Oh, the Saison, I hold you so dear.  It is, maybe, my favorite style.  So I might have been listening to a lot of Simon and Garfunkel when I brewed this, but it is an outstanding drink.  Light notes of, well, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, but they blend so delightfully in the natural spice of a saison that its something more.

Daywalker - 9.0% - Belgian Fruit Tripel

Lance's Beer is back!  Our Belgian Tripel, brewed in honor of the Rose's oldest son Lance, always has a different red fruit.  This year, we have some dark cherry added to the mix!  A little tart, a little sweet, light in body and heavy in alcohol, this brew is quite the crowd pleaser.

Hop Rotation - 5.1% - American Pale Ale

Hop Rotation is our experimental pale ale series.  Always brewed with new and exciting hops, this version is using Ella, a hop derived from Galaxy and Spalt, giving it a fruity, spicy flavor and a nose of pineapple.  Crisp, dry finish, with a very pronounced hop bite.

029 Jump Street - 6.5% - East Coast IPA

Our everyday IPA, 029 Jump Street.  Balanced malt and hops give it a crisp finish, malty body, and a very hop forward flavor.  We brew this will 100% Centennial hops, our brewer Matt's favorite American hop, and dry hop it generously to give a lovely grapefruit aroma and flavor.

Nana's Sour Mood - 10.0% - Imperial Lambic Stout

Some things can upset Nana just a little.  The pasta being overcooked.  The clock in the foyer being off by 2 minutes.  The stairs weren't swept.  It can take a normally sweet tempered grandmother and make her just a little bit sour.  This is our imperial stout, wild fermented for 2 years in bourbon barrels with coffee, just like a traditional Belgian Lambic.  Slightly tart, with big notes of coffee, bourbon, and stout.   

Radler - 2.5% - German Lager / Fruit Soda Blend

Radler - which is German for Cyclist, is a mix of a light lager and a sparkling fruit soda.  Made originally for people out on their bike who needed a drink, but obviously needed it to be alcoholic, but were ALSO cognizant of the fact that they were only on two wheels, decided this was the best way to handle it.  We use Tractor Beverage Company products to blend with our lager to create this wonderfully easy drink.

Gluten Free Products 

Stubborn - 4.5% - Hard Lemonade

Matt swore he would never brew anything but beer.  "I only like beer, why brew something else?"  Then he was reminded that in college, he in fact did like something else - Hard Lemonade.  And here it is - Gluten Free, Hard Lemonade.  Semi-dry, with a wonderful aroma of lemons and limes.  Served as is or with a splash of fruit syrup.


St. Viktorius - Dunkleweizen

Nana's Stout - Imperial Stout

All Together Now - Berlinerweisse

Stubborn - Hard Lemonade

Nana's Fancy Stout - Imperial Raspberry-Chocolate Stout

Forged Gold - Gold Lager

Farm Hand - Saison

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