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...By Any Other Name... - 7.6% ABV - Belgian Strong Fruit

...a rose would smell as sweet.  Also known as the Wedding Beer, this was first brewed in 2017 for Matt and Ashley's wedding.  A Belgian Strong ale fermented with over 250 lbs of Strawberry and Peach puree, this beer is a wonderful fruit beer with a mix of sweetness and dry finish.  One of our favorites, for obvious reasons.

029 Jump Street - 6.7% ABV - East Coast IPA

Originally brewed for the Unity Tour, a charity organization raising awareness and funds for officers who have died in the line of duty, this IPA is brewed with Centennial, Columbus, and Amarillo hops.  As an East Coast Style IPA, there is a more pronounced malt backbone to balance the American hops we generously add over the entire boil.  With notes of grapefruit and a hint of orange, this is an easy drinking IPA that finishes clean.

Use Your Melon - 4.2% ABV - Saison

Saison - meaning "season" - was originally brewed for the seasonal farmhouse workers.  In its initial form, it was a low alcohol, thirst quenching beer meant to let you work all day and sleep all night.  We brewed Use Your Melon with two newer German hops - Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavarian - which lend notes of melon, mandarins, honeydew, and lemon.  With a saison spice, its a beer you can also drink all day (and all night!)

Conviction - 7.3% ABV - Belgian Style Blonde Ale 

A perennial favorite back at Forge, this Belgian Blonde Ale is an easy drinking traditional style Belgian.  Hopped with Saaz, and with notes of fruit and spice yielding from the Belgian yeast, this beer is easy to enjoy year round.

Alastair- 8.4% ABV - Belgian Style Brown Ale

Named for Matt’s brown standard poodle Alastair (aka Allie AKA Brownie AKA Jerk), this big brown ale is fermented with our house Belgian yeast.  With notes of caramel, plum, cherry, and chocolate, this traditional brown ale is dangerously easy to drink.

Grenade! - 5.1% - Pomegranate Wit

Grenade - or Pomegranate in Flemish - is the star of this brew.  We take our traditional Belgian wit and add lots and lots of pomegranate post fermentation to add a sweet note, balancing the tart flavor of the witbier.

Nana's Stout- 9.0% - Belgian Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Nana likes a big dark beer, so we brewed her stout.  Brewed as a Belgian style stout, we have a mix of maris otter, caramel malts, chocolate, oats, and roasted malts, all adding to a semi-sweet creamy stout that belies its ABV.  Have a nice pint. For Nana.

Nana's Morning Cup- 9.0% - Belgian Imperial Coffee Stout

Nana doesn't just drink in the afternoons, she likes something to get her day started right.  That's why we took our stout that Nana already loves and added over a pound per barrel of coffee from local roaster Vint Hill Coffee.  So remember, be like Nana.  Have a breakfast beer. 

Forged Gold- 5.2% - Dortmunder Gold Lager (Largering, ETA 2 Weeks)

The first lager we ever brewed at Forge is also fittingly the first lager we've ever brewed at Barking Rose.  A light, malt forward lager with a clean finish, this has always been a staff (and owner) favorite of ours.  

Tractor Beer- 5.0% - Citrus Saison

Our Version of a Lawnmower Beer, for the lucky crowd that owns tractors.  You know who you are.  Brewed with grapefruit and orange peel, this beer is sure to quench your thirst after a hard day on the farm.

Kelsenator- 8.4% - Dopplebock

Named for Matt's miniature poodle Kelsey, this traditional German lager is a malty treat.  And much like Kelsey, its sweet, but packs a wallop. 

Solar Radiation- 8.1% - Belgian Golden Strong

Brewed with only 1 type of malt, 1 type of hop, yeast, water, and sugar, this might seem a very simple beer.  And at first glance, it is.  But the depth of Belgian notes you get from the yeast belie the complexity.  With spice and fruit aromas, and a clean finish, you'll never realize it isn't a pale ale, but a Golden Strong.

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